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Professional Development - Resources to help you choose the right equipment for your client..... And get the most from it.


  • Is a folding or rigid wheelchair best for my client?
  • What features are now available in electric recliners?
  • What is the benefit of titanium over aluminium wheelchairs?
  • Is an air cushion better than foam for my client's particular needs?
  • How to choose the most user friendly hoist and sling?

These are just a few examples of the topics we can provide a refresher on.

There are so many products and new features now available it is impossible to keep up to date with them all and to know which features will suit your client's specific needs best. It is equally impossible for us to answer your questions and simplify your decision through our website. Give us a call to speak to an expert over the phone or book a time for an in-service.

Don't forget, we have experts in every product group whose job it is to know the intricate details so you don't have to. We can't stress enough, the benefit of a joint client consult. Ring us to make an appointment with your client at our premises or their home.

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