Quickie Rhythm

Superior Comfort Over Rough Terrain

Combines Performance with Flexibility

The Quickie Rhythm is one of the most advanced power chairs in today's marketplace. Features 6-Form Suspension and leveler technology providing excellent comfort when travelling over rough ground. The Adjustable Seating And Positioning (ASAP) system allows the seating to be adjusted to suit the changing needs of the user.

Model: SRMEIPW10

Overall Length 39"
Overall Width 25.5" (base width)
Seat Depth 12"-22"
Seat Height Range 17"-20"
Seat Width 12"-24"
Turning Radius 21"
Max Speed 10.5km/hr
Weight Capacity 136kg
Weight w/ batteries Approx 70kg
Drive Wheels Mid-Wheel Drive


Quickie Rhythm Brochure, (438.7 kb)

Owner's Manual

Quickie Rhythm Owner's Manual, (1 mb)

ASAP Seating Guide

ASAP Seating Guide For Quickie Rhythm, (607.2 kb)

Reference Guide

Power Wheelchair Reference Guide, (514.7 kb)

Clinical Guide

Power Wheelchair Clinical Guide, (946.4 kb)

Order Form

Quickie Rhythm Order Form, (368.6 kb)


Refer to the Owner's Manual for Detailed Warranty Information.

Please refer to the Order Form under the Resources Tab for available accessories.


R-Net Electronics

Featuring beautiful full-color screens, the expandable R-net system is one of the most widely used electronic platforms in the industry. It combines simplistic operation with expansive programming flexibility. Best of all, the majority of its options and parameters are directly accessible through the input interface screens, which means users, clinicians, dealers, and technicians alike can make important adjustments without the aid of an outside programming-diagnostic tool.

6-Form Suspension

The Quickie® Rhythm™ is the ultimate multi-use center-wheel-drive power chair. Featuring advanced 6-Form Suspension™, the Rhythm™ smoothly traverses rough terrain using independent wheel-suspension, climbs up to 3" curbs, and maintains a balanced profile when turning at high speeds. In short, the Rhythm redefines the mid-wheel-drive experience.

ASAP Seating System

The Adjustable Seating And Positioning (ASAP) system features a wide range of adjustments that are designed to match the physical changes users often experience. Adjustments are intuitive, easily accessible, and require no additional parts. Four inches of seat growth is available in every direction, and the ASAP seat supports a variety of seating systems, including Jay® seating products. The ASAP is also available with a power tilt option called SPOT or Single Power Option Tilt.

JAY and ART SPO Backrests

The JAY and ART SPO Backrests both feature a multitude of visco-elastic foam shapes available in three firmness values (x-soft, soft, medium). These shapes enable clinicians and ATPs to specifically target the way the user's back distributes load across the backrest, a critical tool in minimizing the risk of tissue breakdown. The ART SPO backrest offers the additional benefit of providing customized shapes, dimensions, and foam thickness.

Other Features

In addition to 6-form suspension, the Quickie® Rhythm™ also uses Leveler™ technology. Leveler technology dampens the forward pitching that is sometimes experienced when braking while traveling down a hill or transitioning from a ramp to a flat surface. Leveler technology helps ensure that the user maintains a comfortable seated position.

The new Center Mount ELR with Articulation has a lower leg-length actuator that can independently articulate. Users can now lower their footrests to the ground to assist with transfers.

For some users, transferring in and out of a power chair to a car, van, or truck seat can be difficult and time consuming. This is why The Quickie® Rhythm™ features an optional transit tie-down system. This system can be purchased with the chair or as a retro-kit at a later date.

The Quickie® Rhythm™ features only high output 4-pole motors. For a performance chair, it is critical that power and reliability are not compromised. It is therefore no surprise that the 4-pole motor, with its proven track record, was chosen for the job.

Environmental control becomes very important for users in more advanced power chair systems. This is why the R-net Omni control display ships standard with IR (infrared) transmitter that features over 100 programmable commands. An optional Bluetooth Mouse-mover is also available for users who want computer screen mouse-moving capability built into their input device.

Long lateral thigh supports can be added to provide lateral pelvic stability support and knee adductors can be used to maintain an optimal femoral angle. Both mount to the dove-tail track on the ASAP seat frame and can be used separately or in combination. Long thigh supports are easily removable for transfer and feature a mesh storage pocket.


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ISO Standards Approval

Australian Standards have been developed to ensure equipment meets recognised safety and reliability criteria. To achieve this status, equipment must pass a series of tests in which it is put under difficult conditions that are designed to be similar to those that the child or adult may face when the equipment is used. For example, wheelchairs are tested for safhas gained Australian Standard acceptance, it provides a sense of satisfaction and reassurance that it is safe to be used and will do the job.

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