Frontier V6

Frontier Electric Wheelchairs

The V6 powered wheelchairs are an Australian made range of five different mid wheel drives. The range includes rigid frames designed for indoor, outdoor and all terrain use. The six wheel articulated frame aims to retain drive wheel contact with the ground. The standard contoured seat has height adjustable armrests and a contoured backrest with a backrest recline. The Dynamic DX controller offers switching options including electrically operated seat and footplate functions, powered weight shift tilt in space, powered back recline and powered elevating leg rests. Customisation is available on the seat and base.

Proudly Australian owned, designed and manufactured. Australian standards tested.

View a video of this chair in action.

Frontier V6 All Terrain Wheel Change Video
Power Chair Fun (Video)

Seat Height 470mm front, 425mm rear
Seat Width 330mm to 610mm, depending on seating choice
Motor Size Gear in-line, direct drive. Torque 7kg-m, power 800W
Controls Dynamic DX2
Max Speed 10kph
Specifications Chart

Frontier V6 All-Terrain
The most capable off-road chair in the Frontier V6 range. Unlike the Extreme X8, it can still be used indoors.

Frontier V6 Hybrid
A versatile option, great outdoors and able to convert to an All-Terrain with a wheel change.  
Frontier V6 Compact 73
Great for covering a long distance, the Compact 73 is versatile indoors and out.   

Frontier V6 Compact 40
A narrow and compact chair, great indoors but still a capable outdoor performer. 
Frontier V6 Super Compact
Our smallest wheelchair, with an incredibly small turning circle. Don’t be fooled, can still handle the outdoors as it shares suspension with its bigger brothers.

Model V6 All Terrain : All Terrain Mid Wheel Drive Powered Wheelchair

  • Turning Circle 580.0 mm
  • Length 1050.0 mm
  • Width 710.0 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 182.0 kg
  • Speed 10.0 kph
  • Height of Seat 470.0 mm
  • Width of Seat 330.0 mm - 610.0 mm

Model V6 Hybrid: Outdoor capability Mid Wheel Drive Powered Wheelchair

  • Length 1050.0 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 182.0 kg
  • Width 670.0 mm
  • Turning Circle 580.0 mm

Model V6 Compact 73: Indoor/Outdoor Mid Wheel Drive Powered Wheelchair

  • Turning Circle 530.0 mm
  • Length 950.0 mm
  • Width 630.0 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 182.0 kg

Model V6 Compact 40: Indoor/Outdoor Mid Wheel Drive Powered Wheelchair

  • Length 910.0 mm
  • Width 630.0 mm
  • Turning Circle 490.0 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 182.0 kg

Model V6 Super Compact : Super Compact Electric Powered Wheelchair

  • Turning Circle 465.0 mm
  • Length 890.0 mm
  • Width 630.0 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 110.0 kg
  • Speed 10.0 kph

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ISO Standards Approval

Australian Standards have been developed to ensure equipment meets recognised safety and reliability criteria. To achieve this status, equipment must pass a series of tests in which it is put under difficult conditions that are designed to be similar to those that the child or adult may face when the equipment is used. For example, wheelchairs are tested for safhas gained Australian Standard acceptance, it provides a sense of satisfaction and reassurance that it is safe to be used and will do the job.

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