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Everyone who commutes in a wheelchair understands how important it is to be comfortable in a practical and easy to use chair.

At Xtracare, we understand these necessities and go that Xtra Step with every individual, ensuring that each unique circumstance is attended to with the Care that it deserves.

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Karma Eagle

Lightweight, Durable Manual Wheelchair

A Lightweight, Durable and Reliable Wheelchair

The Karma Eagle is a lightweight, durable and reliable manual wheelchair. The Eagle comes standard with swing away and removable legrests, swing back armrests and quick release wheels. These are some of the key features of the Eagle that make it the right choice for both user and carers.

The Eagle offers an impressive range of standard features with an extensive selection of personal customising available.

The Eagle series is easy to fold and transport and is the logical choice for people seeking a quality mobility product at an affordable price.

Available in 8 sizes.

ISO Standards Approved

130-160kgMaximum user weight

Model: KM-8020 (14", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"or 22")

Armrest Height 23.8cm - 28.0cm, 23.8cm - 28.0cm, 23.8cm - 28.0cm
Back Height 40cm, 40cm, 40cm
Overall Height 93cm, 93cm, 93cm
Overall Length 108cm, 108cm, 108cm
Overall Width 62.0cm, 66.7cm, 75.5cm
Seat Depth 41cm - 46cm
Seat Height 50cm - 52cm
Seat Width 36cm - 55cm
Width (Folded) 33.5cm, 35.5cm, 41.5cm
Weight 14.2kg - 15.9kg
Weight Capacity 130kg - 160kg
Front 8"
Rear 24"

Specifications/Accessory Brochure

Karma Eagle Brochure, (731.3 kb)


Karma Eagle Brochure, (884.8 kb)

  • Fold down back rest

  • Stump support

  • Safety belt

  • I.V. pole

  • Oxygen bottle holder

  • Back bag

  • Flip Back Armrests

  • Head rest

  • Anti tippers

  • Elevating leg rest

  • MAG wheels

  • Magnesium wheels

  • Flat free tyres

  • Dinner tray

  • Boot slider


  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Folding frame
  • Swing away removable legrest
  • Swing back desk length armrests for easy transfer
  • Quick release 24" wheels
  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Double cross brace
  • Dacron upholstery
  • Multiple position rear wheels and castor mounts for multiple seat heights and weight distribution
  • Amputee rear axle settings
  • 130kg carrying capacity (standard)
  • 160kg carrying capacity (HD frame)
  • High quality components allow Karma to offer a 10 year warranty on the frame
  • Available in the following sizes: 14", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20" and 22"


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ISO Standards Approval

Australian Standards have been developed to ensure equipment meets recognised safety and reliability criteria. To achieve this status, equipment must pass a series of tests in which it is put under difficult conditions that are designed to be similar to those that the child or adult may face when the equipment is used. For example, wheelchairs are tested for safhas gained Australian Standard acceptance, it provides a sense of satisfaction and reassurance that it is safe to be used and will do the job.

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