Children's Forearm Crutches

Available in 4 Sizes

Will Fit Children From 2 Feet Tall

Features vinyl-coated, tapered, contoured arm cuffs for extra comfort. The telescoping parts are manufactured with internal brushings and external lock nuts to provide silent usage and the black components hide signs of wear and scratching. Made from high strength alumnium tubing.

136kgMaximum user weight

Model: SRM5144, SRM5144X, SRM5163, SRM5162

Ajustment Cuff to Handle Tyke (SRM5144) 11-15cm, Toddler (SRM5144X) 15-19cm, Child (SRM5163) 24-28cm, Youth (SRM5162) 22-25cm
Approx User Height Tyke (SRM5144) 61-91cm, Toddler (SRM5144X) 86-132cm, Child (SRM5163) 97-137cm, Youth (SRM5162) 127-158cm
Height Adjustment Tyke (SRM5144) 31-46cm, Toddler (SRM5144X) 43-66cm, Child (SRM5163) 48-69cm, Youth (SRM5162) 64-79cm
Weight Capacity Tyke (SRM5144) 68kg, Toddler (SRM5144X) 80kg, Child (SRM5163) 91kg, Youth (SRM5162) 136kg


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ISO Standards Approval

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