Pacer Gait Trainers

Durable, Adjustable, Portable

Durable, adjustable, portable, the Pacer Gait Trainer empowers clients of nearly all sizes and abilities to improve their mobility.

  • Prompts mount anywhere;no tools required

  • Simple two-handed height adjustment in 1" increments

  • Innovative casters with separate swivel lock, brake, variable drag and one-way ratchet control

  • Fits easily in car trunks and through 32" door frames

  • Easy rear access for transfers from Rifton SoloLift

  • Clients can face either way (posterior or anterior)

  • NEW! Pelvic support for more natural gait.


Available in sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, XL

Colour Choices Red, Blue, Raspberry, Champagne, Purple, Lime
Specifications Chart
Specifications Chart

Chest Prompt

The new, padded Chest Prompt holds the torso at the desired angle. It is available in three sizes, and accommodates a wide range of users. Tilt adjusts forward or backward in 15° increments. One knob adjusts both tilt angle and width. Adjustments can be made while user is in the walker. Chest Prompt stays open for easy transfers. Fit the Chest Prompt snugly to support dependent users, or wrap loosely as a training guide for gaining independent trunk control. Cleanable padding is anti-microbial and repels UV light to stay cool. Fits all earlier models of the Pacer Gait Trainer.

Arm Prompt

Versatile Arm Prompts include height, rotation, angle, lateral proximity, and forward/backward adjustments, to accommodate numerous positioning requirements. Arm Prompts placed at elbow height below the shoulders assist weight-bearing. Arm Prompts are placed at the front of the frame for a forward-leaning posture. Arm Prompts angled upward encourage active upper trunk and head control. Individualized positioning accommodates contractures

NEW! Pelvic Support

For some people the hip positioner is too rigid or restrictive or provides too much abduction. For these clients the pelvic support will provide all the positioning and weight bearing needed with none of the bulk and rigidity of our standard hip positioner.

Hip Positioner

The hip positioner swings with a child’s walking motion, allowing the user to shift weight from one leg to the other. Raise the handholds and shorten the straps to assist weight–bearing. Lower the handholds and lengthen the straps for use as a safety sling. To keep the child’s pelvis in midline and behind the shoulders, attach the anterior straps further back on the frame. The hip positioner pad, sold separately, gives cushioned comfort. hip positioner includes one pair of handholds. Most pediatric walkers do not have this option. The hip positioner pad slips onto the hip positioner, providing the user with additional padded comfort.

Thigh Prompts

Thigh Prompts swing freely with the user’s stride, and prevent leg scissoring while encouraging weight-bearing. Thigh Prompts are height adjustable in the medial and lateral positions. The inside strap maintains leg separation. The outer curve limits leg abduction. Thigh Prompts can prevent the child from turning within the Pacer frame. Large and small Thigh Prompts are available. This type of prompt makes a gait trainer different from a pediatric walker, because they help develop better walking skills.

Ankle Prompts

Ankle Prompts snap securely onto the frame and have comfortably padded ankle straps. The spring adjusters limit stride length and control stride placement. Strap length adjusts to determine foot separation and prevent scissoring, which is a problem with other pediatric walkers.

Extra Set or Handholds

The Handholds adjust up and down and can be used in four rotational directions.

Communication Tray

The Communication Tray is designed to hold small objects and communication devices weighing less than 10 pounds.

Attendant guide Bar

The optional Attendant Guide Bar attaches to the center front of the top bar of any size Pacer gait trainer. The Guide Bar enables adults to easily guide young children in the Pacer. It can be rotated 180 degrees to either pull from the front or push from behind the Pacer.

Hand Loops

Secure and highly adjustable, the Hand Loops boost a child’s sense of stability and confidence while moving. They can be attached as a pair or singly on the top bar of any size Pacer.


Collapsible Frame

Medium, Large and XL Pacer frames fold for transport. Use the two-handed release catch to unlock the frame. The folded frame can fit in most car trunks. (Mini and Small Pacers fit in most trunks without folding.)

Easy Rear Access

The Rifton Pacer allows Easy rear access for transfers. Users can face either direction, allowing for posterior positioning.

Height Adjustable

Simple, two-handed height adjustment in 1" increments. (The Mini Pacer frame is not height adjustable but can be adjusted by changing the height of its hand loops or arm prompts.)

Innovative Casters

Rifton's Pacer comes with Innovative casters that have separate swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and one-way ratchet control features. Use any combination to control the Pacer's speed and direction. They make our walker into a true Gait Trainer that stands out from the rest.

Posterior Positioning

In the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer, users can face either direction. The Pacer prompts can be secured in position along the top bar so that the opening of the frame is in front of the client. Attach the Arm Prompt clamps and Chest Prompt clamps forward of the uprights, where needed. You have the option of using the Handholds rather than the Arm Prompts.

Prompts Mount Anywhere

Prompts such as arm rests, seat and chest support mount anywhere along the top bar, and are easily removed when a child no longer needs them. Most walking aids don't have these options.

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ISO Standards Approval

Australian Standards have been developed to ensure equipment meets recognised safety and reliability criteria. To achieve this status, equipment must pass a series of tests in which it is put under difficult conditions that are designed to be similar to those that the child or adult may face when the equipment is used. For example, wheelchairs are tested for safhas gained Australian Standard acceptance, it provides a sense of satisfaction and reassurance that it is safe to be used and will do the job.

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