Appropriate in most situations

Liko UniversalSling is comfortable and secure

for both patient and caregiver. It is appropriate in most situations and therefore a good choice if you are uncertain about who is going to be lifted.

UniversalSling - Lifting from wheelchair to bed video

UniversalSling - Lifting from bed to wheelchair video

ISO Standards Approved

200 kgMaximum user weight

Model: 0

Extension Loop Instruction Guide

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Lifting Solutions Brochure

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Slings Care and Laundering

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UniversalSling Instruction Guide

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UniversalSling Instruction The pants trick

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UniversalSling provides support for the entire back. The patient’s arms are held inside the sling. A correctly fitted and carefully applied UniversalSling gives the patient a good sense of security and a high degree of comfort.

Choosing the right size

UniversalSling is easy to apply and remove, and, if the right size is selected, it adapts to the patient's body without individual adjustments.

It is important to choose the correct size to achieve the highest level of comfort and safety. A sling which is too large increases the risk of the patient's sliding out of it, while one which is too small can be tight-fitting in the groin. The XL universal sling has a higher weight capacity of 300kg for larger patients.

Available in different fabrics

The UniversalSling is available in different fabrics:

  • Since the sling is not normally left in the chair/bed after a completed transfer, we recommend the version in polyester, which is very pliable to work with and durable. Easy to apply and remove.
  • UniversalSling is also available in cotton and polyester net. We recommend these fabrics for those who leave the sling in the chair after the transfer or simply want an airier alternative.
  • For bathing; showering and swimming pools, there is a plastic-coated net version, which allows water to pass through; it can be wiped off.

Leg supports in different designs

UniversalSling is ideal for lifting both with separated leg supports and with leg supports overlapped under both thighs.

UniversalSling is available with leg supports in different designs. The most common are reinforced leg supports. The reinforcement provides high comfort, distributes the pressure and prevents the leg supports from creasing under the thighs.

One design has soft-padded leg supports (synthetic sheepskin). This is recommended for especially pressure-sensitive patients.

Liko Universal HighLevel Sling

UniversalSling mod 02 is recommended for transfers where there is difficulty achieving sufficient lifting height. Loop lengths are minimised, and the sitting posture is slightly more reclined than with model 00.

Before lifting, keep the following points in mind:

Liko UniversalSling is available in 22 standard versions: see the assortment in the Product List, (under Resources Tab). Other versions can be specially ordered.


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ISO Standards Approval

Australian Standards have been developed to ensure equipment meets recognised safety and reliability criteria. To achieve this status, equipment must pass a series of tests in which it is put under difficult conditions that are designed to be similar to those that the child or adult may face when the equipment is used. For example, wheelchairs are tested for safhas gained Australian Standard acceptance, it provides a sense of satisfaction and reassurance that it is safe to be used and will do the job.

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