HeadSaver Beanie

Beanie to fit HeadSaver

Comfortable and Lightweight

This traditional beanie fits perfectly on the HeadSaver Head Protector and also keeps your head warm in winter! This classic winter hat is made to fit HeadSaver perfectly and carries the HeadSaver logo on the front. It is a real stylish and quality accessory to HeadSaver.


Optional Velcro detachable chin strap with a standard adjustable bicycle helmet clip.


HeadSavers are available for both male and females, designed to fit the lifestyles and specific needs of those who use them. HeadSavers are fully Velcro adjustable and come in 2 sizes to fit most people, and when placed on the head they offer a snug fit that holds the HeadSaver in place so that during a fall the HeadSaver will not come off the head. If additional securing to the wearers head is required an optional Velcro detachable chin strap with a standard adjustable bicycle helmet clip is available.

HeadSavers Internal Protective System is designed to help protect impact zones of the head which may be affected during a fall. HeadSavers protective qualities are attained through the use of a specially selected 20mm thick layer of non-toxic, high-density, EVA/PE closed cell foam which offers impact-absorption and shock-disbursing characteristics. Maximum wearer comfort is achieved with the use of a high-quality, soft, 100% cotton terry toweling covering the foam entirely resulting in the Basic HeadSaver model. Optionally a beanie or headscarf is then permanently attached over the top offering a one-piece, stylish, lightweight, comfortable head protector.

Also available as:

HeadSaver Scarf

HeadSaver Sun Hat

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