MOTOmed Gracile

Motorised MovementTherapySystem - Designed for the Needs of Children

Help Prevent the Consequences of Lack of Movement

The MOTOmed Gracile is designed for children with neurological or muscular conditions who have difficulty with their mobility. It enables daily exercise as part of physical therapy and to help prevent the consequences of lack of movement. Your child can use the MOTOmed whilst seating in a chair, wheelchair or whilst laying on the floor.

The Gracile is suitable for children of all ages and sizes. The pedal axle is adjustable to suit differing wheelchair heights, seat cushions and accommodates the growth of your child.

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Model: MOTO592, MOTO594 (Base codes. May require additional components)


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Options and Accessories Brochure

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There are a huge range of accessories available for the MOTOmed Gracile. Please see the MOTOmed Options and Accessories Brochure under the Resources tab for full details.



The MOTOmed Gracile is simple to operate. It provides a large display (approx 11.3 x 8.4cm) with big type and graphics as well as an integrated operating guide. Large palpable buttons are clearly arranged on the operating panel. The sophisticated design is suitable for users who may have trouble with their vision, hands or fingers.

Motor Assisted Training

Daily movement plays an important role in the smooth running of many physical functions as well as a general sense of well-being. For some children however, movement or exercise is not an easy task and can be given up on all-together. This does not have to be the case. The MOTOmed can be used by children with any level of disability and can help counteract the negative effects that result from lack of movement. Problems such as cold legs, stiff joints, poor digestion, circulatory problems, shortened muscles, pressure sores, fluid build up, brittle bones, weight gain etc, can all be improved.

MOTOmed SmoothDrive System - Ease Spasticity, Tension and Stiffness

Stiff muscles can be loosened by gently moving the limbs in a flowing motion, slowly releasing muscle tension. Using this knowlege, a particualy gentle drive system has been developed for the MOTOmed - the SmoothDrive System.

MOTOmed spasm therapy differentiates between sudden spasmodic cramps and long term musclular tension. In order to easy these different forms of spasticity, different loosening processes are required. The MOTOmed therefore provides the SmoothDrive System to help manage long term muscular tenstion and the SpasmControl System with automatic direction change for sudden spasmodic cramps.

MovementProtector and SpasmControl with Automatic Change of Direction

If a sudden spasm occurs, it is detected by the MOTOmed MovementProtector and relieved by the MOTOmed SpasmControl with austomatic direction change.

The MovementProtector monitors the muscle condition throughout the training and stops the MOTOmed at the slightest sign of a cramp or spasm. Regardless of how the basic muscle tone changes, the MOTOmed MovementProtector automatically adjusts to the changing muscle condition and is therefore always optimally sensitive. If a spasm occurs, the motor stops immediately and changes direction to ease the muscle contraction.

The SpasmControl with automatic change of direction works according to the following therapeutic principle - A bending spasm is relieved by stretching and a stretching spasm is relieved by bending.

The spasm type is recognised by the MovementProtector and the SpasmControl with automatic direction change can then ease it in the following way - the motor stops gently and after a pause, the direction of rotation smoothly changes. This process is repeated until the spasm is relieved.


This function works in a similar way to power steering in a car, meaning that a 2 ton car can be steered with a single finger. This allows the user to cycle themselves, even with very limited muscle strength. This minimal strength can be targeted and gradually built up until the user can train without any motor assistance.

MOTOmed and Walking Ability

In order to be able to walk, a person needs movement control, coordination and balance.

To achieve this smooth flow of movements, the coordination between different muscles has to work properly. In many cases, obstructive muscle tension (spasticity) has to be reduced. With the MOTOmed, this can be achieved through the reciprocal (repeating) cyclical movements.

In order to walk, a person also needs muscular strength, and stamina.

Maintaining a basic level of fitness can be very difficult for people with physical limitations. Using standard exercise equipment is often impossible or a scary prospect due to risk of falling, problems with balance, fear of spasms, increased muscle tension or cramping due to awkward movements, pain due to uneven strain, initial resistance too high for the small amount of strength initially available, and rapid exhaustion due to loss of strength.

The MOTOmed is the perfect solution as it provides:

Safe training: from a chair or wheelchair
Warm-up and warm-down: let your arms or legs be moved by the MOTOmed motor before and after cyclling with your own strength.
Harmonious movement: awkward movements are evened out by the smooth running of the MOTOmed.
Safety in the even of sudden spasticity: The MOTOmed MovementProtector detects any sudden spasms and the MOTOmed SpasmControl is activated to ease it.
Longer cycling periods - even with minimal muscular strength and stamina: Finely graduated gears and partial assistance from the motor (ServoCycling) make it possible to train effectively for longer periods.

Leg Insertion Aid

With this function you can have the foot shells move into position so that you are able to insert the feet as comfortable as possibly.

Firstly insert your weaker leg. Move the foot shell into position using either the "pedal forward" or "pedal backward" button. After you have inserted the first foot and secured it, press the button again to move the other foot shell into a position that is comfortable to insert and secure the second foot.

Symmetry Training

This function can be beneficial for a range of patient groups (eg, neurology, geriatrics and orthopaedics). During active training, the activity of the right and left leg is displayed on the screen in the form of a two-bar diagram, showing the contribution from each side as a percentage. The user is made aware of his/her weaker side and can put an effort into using and strengthening it.

Training Analysis (performance feedback)

The greatest therapeutic success will be achieved with a movement therapy trainer if it is used regularly - where possible every day. Motivation to do this comes from noticeable results (eg reduced muscle tone, less pain, more mobility, feeling of well-being) and feedback on individiual progress.

The MOTOmed Gracile provides 2 sets of feedback:

Feedback during the training: Distance covered (km), time (min), velocity (rpm), muscle tone (approx Nm), symmetry analysis (%), energy consumption (kcal) is shown in a rolling-update format during the training and can be stopped on a particular parameter if desired.

Training analysis after the training: Training time, distance covered, changes in muscle tone, symmetry analysis, work output (kcal) etc are displayed as a summary after the training session.

Ergonomic Handlebar

The MOTOmed Gracile handlebar is designed for holding on to or resting the hands on - this is very helpful for users with strong spasticity, balance problems and for patients using the MOTOmed for active training.

Especially for users with limited motor activity in the arms, hands and fingers, the handlebar serves as a rest for the hands while pressing the buttons, which supports independent operation.

Safety Foot Shells

Softly padded and slip proof with extra high safety rim on the pedal crank side. Designed for comfortable leg insertion. Velcro straps securely hold the feet at ankle and toe level.

Leg Guides with Calf Shells

Adjustable fellecy straps guide the legs and hold them safely, for various types of paralysis. In order to achieve a natural movement flow, the leg guides are attached to the foot shells with a movable joint. The calf shells are height adjustable and spring mounted in order to prevent pressure marks.


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ISO Standards Approval

Australian Standards have been developed to ensure equipment meets recognised safety and reliability criteria. To achieve this status, equipment must pass a series of tests in which it is put under difficult conditions that are designed to be similar to those that the child or adult may face when the equipment is used. For example, wheelchairs are tested for safhas gained Australian Standard acceptance, it provides a sense of satisfaction and reassurance that it is safe to be used and will do the job.

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