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Making Life Comfortable

We are a Family Business delivering a Quality, Unique Service.

Problem Solving

At XTC we enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of problem solving. We work together on the premise that the more people we have working on a problem the better the outcome. If anyone can find a solution we can.

Our Mission

We strive for excellence and aim to provide the best product/outcome for a particular situation.
If you need a product but can’t find it on our website give us a call and we will locate it for you.

Passion of Uniqueness

Whilst we supply off the shelf products at budget prices our specialty is providing custom made equipment at a competitive price.  We pride ourselves on supplying good quality products and offering personalised service often travelling to country SA to accommodate our clients.


Our sales are mainly made up of AUSTRALIAN MADE Products. We are always looking for new products with a preference for Australian made.

The Environment

Maintaining a healthy planet is vital to our existence. We recycle many of our everyday materials.


Out the Front

Combined in this productive group is a wealth of knowledge, the foundations and thinking behind Xtra Care Equipment, and the precise communication to bring it all together. Every little bit of information is absorbed and used to better our services and truly understand our clients needs. Whether it be a simple retail product or a custom built piece of equipment to suit a specific need, between us we will not hesitate in offering a unique service that will deliver what you need.

Kaye Kelsh Peter Kelsh

Kaye Kelsh

Peter Kelsh

Dan Kelsh Leah Kelsh

Dan Kelsh

Leah Kelsh

Craig McLaren Kevin Clements

Craig McLaren

Kevin Clements

Laura De Palmer Liz Wingard  

Laura De Palma

Liz Wingard


In the Workshop

Some of the most intricate and precise pieces of equipment are delivered by Xtra Care Equipment, to clients that are always impressed and emotively thankful. Every piece of equipment that we build, or modify to specific requirements passes through the hands of our remarkable workshop team. Together they coordinate and ensure that every project, whether it be short and simple, or large and complicated, is carried out efficiently, with the most professional attitude. They are always there to help and assist, making for a truly functional and creative workshop environment.

Andrew Long Liam Sheehy

Andrew Long

Liam Sheehy

Nick Morrison Robin Dredge

Nick Morrison

Robin Dredge

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